industrial products

The PRIMEX team consists of over 40 experienced professionals representing hundreds of years on industry experience.  In addition to our experience, specific qualifications include:


Several degreed engineers and multiple registered professional engineers (P.E.s)

Certified field technicians and programmers

Project management and contract administration professionals


Our team also includes a nationwide network of authorized representatives, service providers and partners.  We are confident the PRIMEX is the broadest, deepest and most experienced team in the water and wastewater controls industry.


Our talented and experienced staff provide a number of professional services:



With hundreds of years of combined experience in our industry, PRIMEX brings to a project a keen eye and successful results-driven consulting.  We present ideas and solutions based on the project requirements, not on commission payments.


This area of expertise consists of the following components:


  • Long-term planning
  • Feasibility studies
  • Equipment evaluation
  • Specification development
  • Budgetary estimates
  • Turnkey electrical, instrumentation and control systems design
  • Switchgear, generator and control buildings
  • Network architecture design
  • Communications and telemetry infrastructure



PRIMEX provides a full staff of qualified engineered in many areas of process control.  Customized systems are designed and implemented from concept to completion.  The implementation of any idea requires high quality design, drawings and documentation.  Our staff of CAD designers and documentation specialists bring to each project "the manual" for success.  From early sketches to "As-Built" drawings, every detail is considered to insure the correct data is provided in a logical and understandable fashion.  This area of expertise consists of the following components:


  • P & I diagrams
  • Loop drawings
  • Power and control panel layout wiring
  • Floor plans and electrical layouts
  • Service entrance, switchgear and motor control center design
  • Computer network on-lines
  • Detailed LAN/WAN connection diagrams
  • Pneumatic and hydraulic diagrams
  • I/O schematics
  • Equipment submittals
  • Testing and training submittals
  • Operation and maintenance manuals



Our excellent staff of programmers and network specialists can handle all of your software needs.  All of them are certified in multiple PLC, HMI, reporting and database application software.  PRIMEX utilizes certified software standards to meet the requirements of your specific project.  With ever-growing security concerns, PRIMEX can address your network hardware and software to provide you with the latest in protection:


  • Requirements analysis
  • Design/development testing
  • PLC programming
  • SCADA/HMI programming
  • Database-driven reporting
  • Network architecture design
  • Security evaluations
  • Firewall hardware and software setup
  • Custom software/driver development



For decades, PRIMEX has provided a full range of telemetry and remote access solutions for water distribution, wastewater conveyance and industrial controls applications.  These services and technologies include:


  • Computer modeled radio path studies
  • Radio path verification studies and site surveys
  • LAN/WAN design and implementation
  • Telephony
  • Radio (UHF, VHF, 900mHZ spread spectrum)
  • Fiber optic
  • Broadband (DSL, cable...)
  • Cellular
  • Satellite
  • Remote access - VPN/APN



PRIMEX provides a full service in-house panel assembly facility that can handle your assembly project from beginning to end.  Our production department can (to your specifications) both modify a panel enclosure and apply a baked on state-of-the-art finish.  Our assembly technicians use the latest in computer generated drafting and labeling methods to ensure our customers well organized and easy to maintain control panels that look good and function well.


Panels are built and listed in-house to one or more of the following certifications:


  • UL508A open control panels
  • UL508A enclosed control panels
  • UL913 panels relating to hazardous locations (class I, II and II) with intrinsically safe extensions
  • UL panels for service equipment use


Whether your project involved power wiring or simple relay logic or the latest in software-controlled automation, our assembly techs and engineers have the necessary skills to produce control panels that you will be proud to own and pleased to operate.



Every panel and project PRIMEX produces undergoes a rigorous checkout procedure before shipping.  This documented process includes:


  • Nameplate and labeling review
  • System mechanical and wiring integrity
  • System power-up and electrical integrity
  • Software/programming loading
  • System functional test and description of operations review
  • Telemetry and communications review


We encourage customer factory acceptance tests whenever possible to help ensure smooth implementation and start-ups.  Also our project manager, programmer and service technicians involved throughout the project will perform commissioning and start-up services.



PRIMEX provides a full staff of qualified service technicians experienced in many areas of process control.  From system and instrumentation checkout to start-up, our staff is capable of starting up a system and providing the necessary training to operators.  This area of expertise consists of the following components:


  • System start-up and training
  • Instrumentation calibration and commissioning
  • System troubleshooting
  • Telephone
  • Spare and replacement parts
  • Preventative maintenance service and programs