Pumpak solutions are available in standard, configurable or customer applications and can be incorporated into any telemetry, traditional SCADA or icontrol™ web-hosted SCADA solution.


  • Controls 1 to 4 pump circuits - constant or variable speed
  • PRIMEX VPAC open-architecture PLCs and/or float-based control (primary or backup)
  • LSC Application Software for Constant Speed Applications
  • Vari-Pro Application Software for Variable Speed Applications
  • Transducer or float-based control (primary or backup)
  • Pilot lights, EMTs, HOA switches
  • Typical Alarms
    • Pump Fail
    • Seal Fail
    • Over-Temp
    • High Level
    • Low Level
    • Power Fail
    • Phase Loss
    • Data/Communication Fail
    • Station Entry
  • All telemetry and alarm dialing options available
  • UL Labeling and highest level of construction standards, components and workmanship in the industry
  • Serialized project documentation including engineering submittals and operation and maintenance manuals.




Pumpak Express - Series A Float-Based Control Panels Data Sheet

Pumpak Express - Series B PLC-Based Control Panels Data Sheet



Pumpak Control Panel
Pumpask Series A Control Panel


Pumpak Control Panel
Pumpak Series B Control Panel