The PC-3000XC controller is designed to operate up to 3 pumps in pump up or pump down applications. The controllers sequence pumps ON and OFF in response to a change in level input. The easy-to-read blue OLED display provides the operating status, featuring fast and intuitive menu navigation and setup. The PC-3000XC provides for advanced communication functionality for integration to open architecture telemetry/SCADA systems.



  • Configurable front panel; no programming software required
  • Red LED indicates an active alarm
  • Green LEDs indicate pumps required
  • Multiple alternation/sequence configurations
  • High visibility blue OLED backlit 64x256 pixel display
  • Process/level displayed digitally and via bar graph
  • Communications established indicator
  • Built in pump failure detection
  • Sensor failure detection with backup float switch to activate pump control override timer and alarm
  • User selectable process/level units
  • Level simulation, I/O, and relay output status screens to aid in setup and system troubleshooting
  • Continuous level monitoring, 4-20 mA level sensor input
  • Flow monitoring (volumetric)
  • Modbus communication via RS-485 comm port
  • Station design data