The Energy View® Controller is powered by kW Logix® Software*.  The color touch screen HMI has the ability to provide level control, pump alternation, flow monitoring, data logging, alarm logging, historical trending and comes equipped with a SD memory card for data storage and download.  IT can connect through multiple communication streams for remote monitoring and control. 
  • Continuous level monitoring
  • Flow monitoring (with or without a flow meter)
  • Power monitoring
  • Motor current monitoring
  • Pump speed control
  • Pump efficiency monitoring (W/GPM)
  • Energy View® LE available
    • Duplex or triplex
    • Constant or variable speed



Pump Control and Protection:
  • Pump efficiency Auto-Tuning (lowest W/GPM)
  • Automatically switches to PID mode during high in-flow
  • Automatic alternation
  • Pump low efficiency alarm
  • Pump over temperature and seal fail monitoring
  • Pump dry run protection



  • 6 inch color touch screen
  • LED backlit, sunlight readable
  • Intuitive menu navigation
  • Simple setup and operation
  • Multiple password protection
  • Data logging on SD memory card
  • Requires external 24 VDC power supply
  • Input voltage range 20.4 - 28.8 VDC
  • Optional battery backup


  • (2) isolated RS 232/RS 485 ports
  • Isolated CAN bus port
  • Optional Ethernet port
  • SMS, GPRS, Modbus
  • Pump Watch™ controller compatible
*kW Logix® (United States Patent 9,074,587 B2).


Energy View Controller
Energy View® Main Screen


Energy View Controller
Energy View® Level Screen


Energy View Controller
Energy View® Live Trends Screen


Energy View Controller
Energy View® Eco (fx) Setup Screen