PRIMEX offers a variety of float-based and transducer-based pump controllers to suit most municipal and industrial water control applications.  With complete in-house printed circuit board (PCB) capabilities, our controllers represent the most reliable integration of engineering and manufacturing in the industry. Utilizing the latest in electronic assembly techniques and equipment, including J-Standard Certification, you can be sure quality is built into every controller.  Read more on our PCB embedded controls capabilities.


One of our greatest strengths is our expertise in the municipal water control industry.  All of our pump controllers incorporate features that reduce the amount of field expertise required to operate the system.


PC-240 Controller
PC-240 Duplex/Backup Controller

PC-3000XC Controller

PC-3000XC Pump Controller

Station View™ Controller

Station View Pump Controller



Float-Pak Controller

PC-1000 Controller

PC1000 Pump Controller

SP6R Controller

SP6R Controller

Level View™ Controller

Level View Pump Controller

VPAC 6, 10 and 15 Controllers

VPAC 15 Controller

PC-2000 Controller

PC2000 Pump Controller

SP6R-LSC Controller

SP6R-LSC Pump Controller

Energy View® Controller

Energy View Pump Controller
VPAC LSC and Micro-VPAC Controllers
VPAC LSC Controllers