From water pressure to financial pressure, communities today face a growing number of challenges in providing quality water and wastewater services.



The needs for water and wastewater infrastructure have never been greater.  These needs fall into two major categories:

  • Repair and replacement of aging equipment and basic infrastructure.
  • Expanding and upgrading infrastructure to deal with new demands and requirements.



While the needs have never been greater, the funding available to meet those needs is scarce.

  • Operating budgets are right and the ability to raise revenue through local sources, such as rates, is limited.
  • Capital project funding is also tight (despite political rhetoric), the need is large and the process can be long and complex.



Water and wastewater systems are also facing the challenges of retaining and attracting a qualified workforce.

  • Retirement and attrition is a challenge as experienced operators are nearing retirement age and filling open positions with qualified people is difficult.
  • As technology and operating requirements change, so do the skill sets and the type of knowledge required to manage the systems.


Reporting and Compliance

Reporting requirements are also increasing in multiple areas, including:

  • Environmental - as adoption and implementation of regulations is affecting even small systems.
  • Operation - as operations get tighter and more information becomes available.



Automation, control and remote access technologies can offer many benefits to communities and operators as they attempt to meet these and other challenges.


Reduced Operating Expenses

Lower energy consumption, chemical usage, overtime, mileage and maintenance expenses - allow you to get more from your current budgets.


Improved System Performance and Integrity

Process efficiency and optimization, and equipment reliability and redundancy help your system to run better and you to sleep better.


Extended Equipment Life

Control strategies that use alternating and modulating equipment use can reduce starts and stops, run times and wear and tear.


More Information and Better Decision Making

Automated collection and remote access to the process and data allow for more (and more meaningful) information to be available and actions to be implemented.


However, the acquisition, implemention and operation of control systems can also represent some significant challenges.


  • Can we afford it?
  • Can we maintain it?
  • Will we be getting the most out of our investment?



Choosing the right partner for your automation and control needs can assure that you will be getting the maximum operational benefits and the most for your investment.  Not all controls companies and system integrators are the same.  When partnering with PRIMEX, our clients experience the peace of mind that comes with solutions that deliver:



Professionally designed solutions utilizing the best products and technologies, completed on schedule, and supported over the life of the system.



Solutions developed based on our application knowledge and understanding of clients needs, resulting in intuitive operation and minimal maintenance.


Long Term Support

Services from start-up through field and telephone support services, formal maintenance programs and upgrade solutions for legacy systems.


Return on Investment

Solutions that provide the maximum operational benefits of automation and control while lowering operational costs and extending the lift capital investments.